We moved!

Dear Friends,

Sung and I are happily (blissfully?) settled into our new home in Nebraska so I thought I’d share some highlights from the past month and a half…

1. We wed on September 1st, on a perfect summer day, amid many, many of our closest friends and family members, at Camp Wabanna.  Thank you to everyone who came out, supported us, made stuff for our wedding, and helped us!  We are so grateful to God for giving us such a great wedding and such a great support system.

2. I got to spend some time bonding with Sung’s family, visiting from Korea and Japan.  I have now tasted raw crab, raw eggs with rice, dried squid, and spicy peppers dipped in spicier pepper sauce.

3. Sung and I honeymooned at Myrtle Beach.  The week after Labor Day, the beach is still the beach, just minus the herds of small children. 😀

4. My roommates in Baltimore threw us an amazing going away karaoke party.  Neighbors came, sang to me, and also made me a Sandtown quilt to remember them by!  I will always remember my time there and I miss my old friends and neighbors so much!

5. Sung and I (with help from my family and roommates) loaded a little trailer completely packed to the brim with my stuff from Presstman Street.  It all fit… but it felt extremely heavy.

6. So heavy, in fact, that our next stop was the Howard County dump where we unloaded a couple hundred  pounds… basically all the stuff that Sung suggested I *didn’t* need to bring because it was old/falling apart/ easily replaced.

7. We drove for three days and wound up in Bellevue, Nebraska at Offutt Air Force Base!!!!  We found a perfect apartment not far from base, signed a lease, and moved our stuff in.

8. We found out Oliver needed up-to-date shot records before moving in.  When I called the shelter where I got him, I discovered his shots were expired.  Our first day in Bellevue, Oliver got rabies shots.  THEN we found out he also needed to be declawed or outfitted with “cat claws”– clear nail covers that go over his front nails.  We did choose the second option, but attaching those was a pretty traumatic experience for him as well…

9. Sung went back to work and found out he loves this base and his job here– everyone we have met seem very nice as well.

10. We found a great church, called Glad Tidings, to be a part of.  We also joined a small group

11. I got a part-time job working with foreign exchange students.  I am also tutoring ESL students in my free time.

12. We have had a chance to explore Bellevue and Omaha and we love it so far.  Some highlights include the Farmer’s Market in a cute neighborhood called Old Market, several craft breweries, the bike trail near our house (that goes all the way into Omaha), the field house on base where we can work out, some really great restaurants, and the mid-western hospitality.

Oh yeah– and the best part is being together everyday!  We are very happy, and learning so much about each other since we’ve been married.  Hopefully, now that we are settled, I will be able to update more regularly about our lives and all of the pondering I have been doing since I have so much time alone to think now…. isn’t that something to look forward to haha!

We love you all and are happy to sign off as….

The Hwangs



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