Oliver and Sung: A Love Story

sung shoots oliver

Last night, I left the boys home alone and went out to a military spouse event.  I wound up in a conversation with two other women, both who brought cats into their relationship.  Everyone said that their husband wasn’t a cat person, yet they always caught him cuddled up with or talking baby talk to their cats.  It took me on a trip down memory lane….

I met Oliver and Sung on the same exact day.  It’s true.  I adopted Oliver because he had short hair and my roommate was allergic to cats.

oliver naps 2

I responded to Sung’s email because I was looking for a boyfriend with a beard and this is what he was wearing in his profile picture….

beard head

Sung got acquainted with Oliver over Skype.  I knew he was a keeper when I had to leave the room for a second and I put the phone in front of Oliver.  I returned to hear Sung “meowing” at the cat trying to get him to talk back.  However, I didn’t know if Oliver was going to be a keeper.  I was really falling for Sung and he had cat allergies….

Several months into our relationship, Sung announced that he was inspired to get a cat of his own so he was going to start taking allergy shots.  The process is a bit grueling and, as the dosage increases, the shots become more and more painful.  When we got engaged I realized that by “a cat of his own” Sung meant MY cat.

I have been replaced.  Oliver always chooses to sit either between me and Sung or on Sung’s side of the couch or bed.  And you know what? I couldn’t be happier about it 😀

Yesterday, Oliver was very badly behaved during the day and I told Sung when he got home.  He told me he would take care of it during his “quality time” with Oliver while I was gone.  But I returned to discover he spend the evening playing video games while Oliver napped in his usual spot, right beside Sung, on the couch.



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