Home Sweet Home

Well, since we’ve been here for over two months and are finally “settled in” I thought I’d take you on a virtual tour.  Let’s start with the front entrance….


Ok, just kidding.  This painting was a wedding present from Jackie and Gints.  Anyway, here is our living area (living room, dining room, kitchen are kind of all together).

 20131114_142134  20131114_142210  20131116_142436

20131114_141949  20131114_141939

20131114_141931    20131114_141806

20131114_141816  20131114_141833

We have a balcony and I’ve enjoyed watching the trees change color from this window this fall.  (Leaves not pictured 😦 )

20131114_142254  20131114_142229

Next, I’ll show you the lovely guest bathroom and office which quickly converts into a guest room with our very nice air mattress!  Could this be your next vacation spot?!?

20131114_141551      20131114_141648

Finally, I’ll show you our bedroom.  People who have lived with me may not recognize it without the clothes all over the floor.  I have actually REALLY improved in this area but, I should probably admit my parents were coming to visit just before these photos were taken.

20131114_142331  20131114_142534  20131114_142415   20131114_142429  20131114_142503

As you can see, we are putting our wedding gifts to good use.  Thanks everybody!  All my love as we head into this upcoming Thanksgiving week!  ❤ ❤


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