14 for 2014

This is not a list of goals but just a few little blurbs because I have been so bad at updating this thing recently!  I have started so many entries in my mind and they were all really good but never made it to the page haha.  I realized that, while I always want to write super-profound stuff on here, many folks back home would probably just enjoy knowing how the heck we are doing.  So here’s how we are doing….

1.  We cut down our first Christmas tree.



2. We started experiencing some Nebraska winter but we have had less snow than any of you states on the East Coast.  


3. We went to the Medical Group’s Christmas party.  It was at an aquarium.  Sung danced in front of hundreds of people and won a prize.  I am not even lying. 


4. Sung won a Christmas sweater contest.


5. We ran the “Holiday Hustle”, my first 5K.

6. We celebrated our first Christmas together by opening gifts, making Peking duck, and watching Sung’s favorite holiday movie, Die Hard.


7. Sung turned 27.  He is still younger than me.  We ate sushi out and cooked Korean food at home.  I got him a helicopter.

8. We celebrated New Year’s with Sung’s work friends.

9. We drove to Tennessee for a wedding and drove home in a blizzard.


10. I started a new job.

11. Sung and I started taking an amazing and mind-blowing course on the Bible and missions, called Perspectives,  http://www.perspectives.org/

12.  Sung started applying to schools for this fall!!

13. Sung started making iced green tea.

14. I joined Instagram @margotannehwang.  Oliver now has his own special feed, #oliverhwang

I’ll try to update more frequently!  We miss and love everyone back home.  Also– guess what?!?!  I turn 30 one month from today!!!!!


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