Week in Review

Hello, family and friends!

This year I decided to steal an idea from Rachel at Atwell Adventures and do a “Five for Friday” post. Only problem is, yesterday was gonna be my first one and I didn’t have time to do it!  So, instead, I bring you “Week in Review”, a, hopefully, weekly report on the Hwangs in Nebraska.

1. Last Saturday, we visited the Omaha Auto Show.  It was my first ever auto show.  The best part was that we got to sit in the Mercedes Lancer Evolution 10- the newer version of the sports car Sung owned when he was a young airman.  The car I have heard so many stories about.  The car that, whenever we see it (well– when Sung sees it since I never notice it on my own) he says wistfully “Evo…..” and looks off into the distance.  Yeah.  It was good to finally experience the car for myself.


2. We spent hours last Sunday trying to finish our homework before our second Perspectives class.  So far, the reading is kicking our butts!

3. It was pajama day in Pre-K.  I may or may not have worn my pikachu Christmas pajamas….

4. All of the Chinese students I tutor (except one very diligent little girl who happens to be my favorite) celebrated the Lunar New Year by taking two weeks off which means extra sleep for me!  Sung and I celebrated by eating soup and watching Chingoo.  I would highly recommend all three of these things (more sleep, Sung’s homemade soup, and this film)

Korean soup

5. We had a good bye party for one of my students yesterday.  He is going to be out for over a month for very serious brain surgery.  Keep him in your prayers if you think of it.

6. Sung and I celebrate five months of marriage today!  I made this recipe for breakfast.

That’s it for this week!  Hope to be back on this blog more in 2014.  I’m getting pretty darn self-reflective as I approach 30!!  😀


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