Adventures in Employment

Well, folks!  It’s that time again.  I’m filling out job applications for this summer and 2014-15 school year!  I am so grateful to have so much to put on my resume, as well as the self confidence and self efficacy to fill out job applications.  I do have one complaint however… with technology, I would expect this process to be easier!  INSTEAD, I have found that many districts want you to manually type all of the information from your resume (previous employers, education, references) into boxes.  You can’t copy/paste because there is a box for each item.  I have even applied for multiple jobs for one employer and had to re-enter it a second time!  Guys– why can’t you just read my resume????

That’s my only complaint.

This process has taken me on a little trip down memory lane.  In case you didn’t know, I have worked several jobs since I got to Nebraska and learned many things in the process.  Here is my work history from 2013-2014 school year.

1. I have been tutoring Chinese students in China.  I teach them English using an online conference program called WebEx.  We read stories together and do writing and grammar activities, all via a web cam.  I absolutely love this job!  When I began, I was just trying to make some extra cash but I have truly fallen in love with my students.  One of them named their horse after me!  A very interesting moment was when I taught a lesson on Thanksgiving morning.  I pulled up a story about the “First Thanksgiving” and we talked about the Pilgrims coming to America for religious freedom.  It was a strange moment to say those words and instantly realize I was talking to a person who didn’t have that.  It made me extra thankful that day.

2. I subbed as a teaching assistant in special education classrooms.  I have only taught in general education classrooms so this has been a whole new insight for me. I worked in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools and with students with varied needs.  It was so cool!  I gained a new appreciation for what special education actually does and saw some great examples of it in action!  In a transition time (like mine!) I’d recommend any teacher to try this.  Any job I have in the future will be impacted by this experience.

3. In fact, I liked it so much I took a permanent position as a special education para for the rest of this year.  I now work assisting a pre-school teacher.  The class is very small and made solely of students who have been identified as having special needs or being at risk.  I love learning from my teacher each day, as I see how she manages kids of that age and with a variety of needs.  I have a lot of freedom in the classroom and she values my experience.  It truly is the next best thing to teaching this year!  I love our students– we have 10 morning kids and 9 afternoon kids.  The principal has even offered to observe me teach a few lessons so he can recommend me for a teaching job this fall!  I feel so blessed.

As we continue to look towards August and Sung’s separation from the Air Force, we are continuing to look towards Christ.  I feel confident that we will get the right school for him and job for me at the right time.  I am the LEAST anxious about an unknown thing as I have ever been.  I promise to keep everyone posted when I find out something new.

For now I’m just trying to enjoy being a pre-school aid.


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