Week in Review

It’s a snowy Saturday evening here in Bellevue, Nebraska.  Thanks for taking time to read another little post from the Hwang family.

This week was very exciting in the most wintery sense of the word…

1. Preschool saw their shadow!  So, it turns out, did the Groundhog….


2. In honor of six more weeks of winter, I had my first Nebraska snow day off of school on Wednesday!  I celebrated by eating an entire frozen pizza all by myself and applying to jobs.

3. Sung made cornish game hen for dinner this week.  It was my first time having one.


4. We visited Buffalo Wild Wings on Friday to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies.


5. We went to a Chinese buffet for the first time since coming to Nebraska.  It was great and we have a whole stack of coupons for it… I think we may be in trouble…

6. We actually did most of our Perspectives homework before Sunday afternoon.  (The class is on Sunday night.)  This is truly the thing I am most proud of this week.

Ok, so Sung is chasing Oliver around the house singing “I can’t make you love me” to him so… I better go.

Love you all! ❤


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