Week in Review

Welcome to another installment of life in Nebraska….

1. Last Saturday we bought some frames for our wedding pictures!  This is the first step to having actual photos from our wedding in our house.  So exciting!

2. I was observed teaching by my principal this week.  This is something he is doing, extra, for me so he can write a recommendation for a teaching position for me next year.  It went great… until a five year old literally would not accept that he had given a wrong answer even after I told him three times he was wrong.  Ain’t nobody take no for an answer like a five year old.  The principal– and me– were dying laughing.

3. We celebrated Valentine’s Day in preschool this Wednesday.  You have probably never seen more glitter in your life.

4. We visited a friend’s house for a delicious home cooked meal on Thursday.  Sung made the point it was our first time dining in someone’s home since we arrived here.  Thank you, Nicole! :))))

5. I had a day off on Friday and got the rare treat of grabbing coffee with a fellow military spouse.  We always have fun together!

6.Sung prepared me the most amazing Valentine’s meal.  It was a three course fondue extravaganza.  I love my husband!!


Thanks for reading.  Keep it classy!  Love, the Hwangs



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