Week in Review

We had some weird weather this week.  Every time I mentioned it, people blamed it on Nebraska. The weirdest was that, on Thursday, I saw high of 40 AND a snowflake on my phone’s weather app.  I assumed that the temp would be right and not the snow.  Instead, it snowed for several hours, looked like a real snow storm, and then all completely melted.  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Here’s a bit from our week:

1. Sung recently went back to eating a strict low-carb diet, which he had been doing when we met and for awhile before that.  It’s been a new challenge for me to plan meals that we will both enjoy.  You can see what I’m cooking lately on my low-carb pinterest board.

2. We had President’s Day off and celebrated by seeing the Lego Movie.  It was so awesome!

3. Our class got to visit a 6th grade classroom this week to see a performance of “Cinderella” that included cellphones and even a group interpretation of “Gangnam Style” at the ball.

4. For the first time since I started working every day, our house was *as clean* at the end of the week as it was at the beginning, a true personal accomplishment 🙂

5. We have made a lot of headway on the “what should we do next year?” question.  Two weeks ago Sung had applied to three colleges.  Now, I have lost count of the number of schools on our “maybe” list, we added some new ideas to the mix, AND have continued to find more reasons why staying here would be a good idea, too.  As always, your prayers are appreciated.  We trust God is going to show us his next step for us, when it’s time to take it.

All my love!

Margot Hwang


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