February Favorites

Each month I’ll be featuring some things I’ve enjoyed this month.  They won’t all have a cute alliterative title, just this one.

Disclaimer: Since this is my first one, I have enjoyed *some* of these things before February.

1.  I really, really appreciated Kaylyn’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day.  Thanks for sharing, sister.

2. It’s time to come clean about my  Blogilates obsession.  This awesome fitness blog has free workouts, recipes, and general emotional support for those of us that need constant praise for making good choices for our bodies.  I may or may not have told Sung that Cassey (the creator of this blog) is like my friend.  

3.  We really enjoyed this documentary that follows a small group of folks studying for the Master Sommelier exam.

4. My awesome summer roommate did something I’m really proud of.  And then she published a piece about it.

5. One of my guilty pleasures is any travel show by Anthony Bourdain.  I loved watching his episode on Koreatown in LA with Sung.  It was really neat to compare Sung’s experiences with Korean community in Richmond, Virginia to that of Koreans on the West Coast in a big city.  For example (if you watch it) Sung’s version of The Sizzler was Golden Coral.  But the concept was the same…


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