Week in Review

This week… I TURNED 30!!!!  Thank you everyone for the lovely messages, even from afar!  Here’s my week…

1. I’ve been cooking low carb for Sung and decided I would just go all in and join him in this crazy diet, starting this Monday… yikes!  I’ve found this website extremely helpful.  I’ll keep you posted on how I feel next week 😉

2. I became Mandt Certified this week, after two days of training.  While I had heard this training was about “restraint”, meaning how you physically restrict children who have become violent, it was about so much more than that.  This training focused on relationships and how you can use strong relationships to help prevent children from escalating, even when they encounter triggers at school.  It was cool and really helpful for any teacher, not just one working with a special education population.

3. I hosted my first “lady’s night” at our apartment!  A friend from work and a friend from church joined me for an evening of wine, chocolate fondue, and good conversation.  (Thanks to Sung for giving us the apartment and also since he’s the one who got us a fondue pot!)

my fondue

4. On Thursday, Sung texted me let me know we had to attend a meeting on base in the evening.  Instead, he skipped the highway exit that would have led us to base and took me to a very nice restaurant down town to celebrate my birthday, a day early!


5. Sung said he had no more tricks up his sleeve.  On Friday, he headed off to work in his uniform as usual.  Only I found out later he didn’t go to work– he took the day off!  He spent the whole day shopping, cooking, and cleaning and I came home to a beautifully decorated house and a three course dinner!  I think it’s safe to say, we rung in my thirties pretty well!  Thank you, Sung!!!!!!!

And thank you, friends and family, for your continued love and support!  I’m looking forward to sharing this next decade with you all!

All my love!


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