Week in Review

This week’s review is coming a bit late but I don’t mind because…

1. Daylight Savings Time means I actually get to sleep later now (unlike most people, sorry guys) because the time did not change with the students I tutor in China!!  I still may be getting up earlier than I would prefer (haha) but no matter.  I’m super stoked and have been counting down the days!

2. I’ve been doing the low carb diet with Sung since Monday and I’m pretty happy so far.  By which I mean, I’m glad I’m doing this diet with my husband.  In terms of feeling happy, I have definitely had a bit of carb withdraw symptoms this week which include inexplicable ennui.  I think I’m over the hump though and looking forward to feeling the positive effects in my brain soon 🙂

3. This week I got an exciting package from my roommates from Sandtown but more on that later this week…. 🙂

4. I attended a Women’s Conference at Glad Tidings (our church) and it was great!  I heard talks about renewing your mind through God’s word, having a Godly marriage, and discerning God’s will for your life.  One thing that was a common theme was that in marriage and our Christian walk, the daily relationship is what enables us to handle big challenges.  If we have a strong marriage everyday, we will be ready when the big trials of life come.  If we are trusting God to help us make little decisions, it will be much easier to discern his will in the bigger decisions.  That was a cool thing to think about because it means what I do each day to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and with Sung is prepping me for things I don’t even know about yet!

5. It finally warmed up!  Last Sunday, at Perspectives, the heat was out in the building and it was basically one of the most cold, miserable experiences of my life.  This week we drove there in 70 degree warmth!  Praise God for Spring!  But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t enjoy one last surprise snow day as we, unlike all you East Coast people, have only had one this year.

All my love, Mrs. Hwang


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