Week in Review

Hi there!  I hope everyone is enjoying the highs and lows (literally!) of March!  The Hwangs have had a productive week and I’m happy to share it with you.

1. The BEST thing that we did this week was finalize all one million of Sung’s college applications… hmm…maybe it wasn’t quite that many but it felt that way.  Special thanks to Lou Anne Pasquarella who we called in at the last minute for some coaching.  Now all we have to do is wait.  Believe me, we will keep you posted!

2. My student who has been out for surgery was able to skype with our class this week– so cool!

3. I applied for my first teaching job NOT in Omaha, as I’m trying to prepare for a potential move if we make one.  But I’m not going to get my teaching license in any OTHER states until have I have a job because, let me tell you, it is not cheap!

4. This Friday, for some reason, Sung decided to pull out his LASER TAG SET for the first time since we’ve be married.  It is the coolest toy ever and I have no idea why we never played with it before.  You hook it up to your computer and it tells you when to start and end the game and also who won.  Well, I never won but that’s ok.

5. We had a pretty tough day of studying for Perspectives this Saturday.  We are so excited for our “spring break” (from that class, haha) next week!  To decompress after studying, we went bowling! Then, last night, the women from my small group had an impromptu girls night (which means Oliver and Sung and an impromptu guys night!)  It was great fun for all.

Sorry for no pictures this week.  I’ll leave you with this to get you through until next week.


Love you all!

Margot ❤


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