Week in Review

It’s SPRING BREAK!  Well, not from school or work but from our Perspectives class– and that’s made this whole week feel a bit like vacation.  Oh, and also I had the day off on Friday for conferences.  AND spring started and Friday actually felt like spring.  Today, not so much….  Here’s our little week.  I hope you are well.

1. Sung and I celebrated Paddy’s Day on Monday.  I made corned beef and cabbage, mashed “potatoes” (actually cauliflower since we were still doing low carb way back then), and we had Guinness.  I also attempted soda bread made from coconut flour but I don’t really wanna talk about how that turned out….  Finally, we toasted the Irish with an old favorite, Waking Ned Devine.  Cheers!

paddy's day


2. Speaking of food, we ditched the low carb diet somewhere around Tuesday.  Here are my comments.  If weight loss is a goal, I think this is a diet that really works if you stick to it. In terms of health, I think reducing carbs is a very good idea and I’ve been grateful to learn more about how many carbs are in many of the foods we eat.  As far as thinking more clearly, when in the ketosis state, I don’t think I experienced that.  The only thing I did experience was that the utter depression from giving up carbs went away.  Anyway, now we are trying a much more fun and exciting diet– we are trying to switch to entirely Korean food.  The original purpose was actually to save money but now I’m just super excited for this new adventure.  As usual, I’ll keep you posted. 😀

3. We bought plane tickets (!!!) to go to NYC for our dear sister’s graduation from Parsons and also attend the wedding of a close friend in Baltimore.  This was really exciting since we have not been farther east than Nashville since we moved here.  We’re hoping to get to visit many friends and family while we are back home!

4. Last night we had the perfect night in– take out Chinese food, local beer, and a Korean movie!  Sung has become obsessed with the Chinese place by our house.  It’s starting to become an almost weekly tradition.

5. Today, since we weren’t confined to the books, we had a day out in Omaha.  It was so nice to actually want to be out and about in the city again, and not hiding indoors.  We visited some local favorites– Blue Line CoffeeBlatt Beer and Table, and Film Streams.  I felt like a city dweller again, just for a few hours.  It was so fun to kick back together and also have some great conversations.

IMG_20140322_135759 IMG_20140322_170503

I’m hoping that, in the next couple of months, we’ll have some exciting news to report about where we’re going and what we’re doing next year.  For now, please keep us in your prayers as some big decisions are up on the horizon.  What an exciting time it is for us to be married and seeking the Lord.

Love to you all ❤


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