Week in Review

Hi there.  You may have noticed my posts have been sparse these days.  Lately, I’m spending a lot of my free time applying for jobs next year.  It’s finally starting to pay off, as you’ll see below.  Here’s what happened to the Hwangs this week!

1. We made the switch to Korean cooking and it has been so incredibly awesome!  I will have to write more some time about this experience but, for now, I’ll just show you what we’ve been eating 😀



2. I got my first phone interview for a teaching job next year and will progress to the next round with that school.  For now, I’ll keep the areas I’m applying undisclosed because things are very up in the air for next year.  I promise, soon, you’ll get more information!  Also, I accepting a teaching job for summer school this summer which is a huge answer to prayer for us as we are trying to get into a good financial place for next year.

3.  We had a fun day with Sung’s work group yesterday.  First we went to an indoor trampoline park!! called No Gravity.  Later in the day, we help one of his colleagues move, along with many of his coworkers, which was also really fun.

4.  Last night, I was inspired by an Earth Day commercial to not end our weekend night with a movie or TV as we often do.  Instead, we stopped at Target and bought the game Risk.  It was a much better way to spend the night.  (Except that I lost– not that anyone’s surprised by that).

5. Perspectives is up and running again after Spring Break.  We’re excited about this week’s lesson– oh– and we’re late.  Talk to you guys next time!

❤ Margot



One thought on “Week in Review

  1. That food looks so good! I wouldn’t know the first thing about that kind of cooking! And that trampoline park sounds awesome!!!!

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