Week in Review

It has been a really exciting week for us here in Omaha, Nebraska as we continue to work on our “what’s next” plans for August.  I still have no big news to share.  We just continue to gather information, pray, and get excited.  And occasionally cry.  (oh that’s just me haha….)  Here’s our week.

1. This week Sung had EMT recertification class, meaning he got off of work early every day, came to pick me up from work so I didn’t have to walk, and even came in to visit my students!!  They all just kind of stared at him.  I think they didn’t really understand that I was married until that moment, and they still didn’t understand after that moment.  Pre-school kids really can’t picture their teachers outside of the classroom.

2. The PM class visited the farm this week!  I loved it as much as or more than the kids.  The best part about having two classes is that we get to go to the farm AGAIN next week with the AM class!!  The funniest moment at the farm was when, while the guide explained that animals on a farm are good at sharing food, two piglets were fighting over a bowl of food.  Thanks for being great examples for our little ones, guys.

3. Sung and I visited a neat group this Friday, called Global Friends.  It is an international gathering for university students that we heard about through our Perspectives class.  We met people from Japan, Nepal, and Iraq, to name a few.

4. On Saturday, we took the day off.  We went to the Joslyn Art Museum for a little while.  We also walked around a fun neighborhood called Dundee.  It was a really great day.

5. On Saturday, when we were walking around and enjoying ourselves, I was wearing a sundress and sandals.  Now, I am looking outside at large amounts of snow coming down.  Mention this to anyone here and they will say, “Welcome to Nebraska.”

Thank you and good night.


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