Week in Review

Happy Easter from Nebraska!  Sung and I have had a wonderful week and I’m happy to share it with you 😀

1. We enjoyed a fun night out with my teacher friend this Monday, taking her to get her first Pho at Saigon Surface, a favorite restaurant of ours.

2. Our class had a field trip this week to the Omaha Islamic Center, where we heard a great presentation on Islam.  It was interesting for me and I learned some new things about the Islamic faith.  What I was most impressed by, however, was the sense of mutual respect the Christians in our group and the Muslims at the center expressed for one another.  There was a very long Q and A time after the presentation and it was such a good time of dialogue.

3. I am on Spring Break!  It is the shortest (Friday-Monday) Spring Break I have ever had from the easiest (assistant rather than teaching) school job I have ever had but  I have never been more ready for break, haha!  All of my extra time has been dedicated to job hunting for next year…. hmm, and some Korean Dramas.

4. Sung surprised me by taking me to see a long-time favorite musician of mine, Ben Kweller, last night.


We had so much fun!  I have been listening to Ben Kweller since I was 19 so it was fun to hear some old lyrics and remember the things they had meant for me at the time.  For example, he sings one song about his wife and references falling in love over the telephone.  As a student, I thought you could develop such a special connection with someone if you were forced to only talk for the beginning part of your relationship.  Little did I know that would be exactly what would happen to me…  Sung said, “Thanks, Ben,” when I told him that.

5. We celebrated Easter by going to Panera*, going to church, and then visiting friends for lunch.

* I wanted to take a moment to share some things I’ve been thinking about today.  As much as I have tried to conceal it on this blog, I have been extremely anxious about the unknowns in our very near future when Sung separates from the Air Force this August.  Today, I had a moment of clarity as I remembered going to Panera with Sung LAST Easter.  Last Easter, Sung was visiting me for two weeks and on Easter Sunday, we traveled from his parents home in Richmond, Virginia, to my church in Baltimore, Maryland, and then to see my parents in Wilmington, Delaware.  We stopped for a moment to grab some breakfast at Panera.  It was a beautiful day– one where Sung was meeting some of the most important people in my life.  But there was so much uncertainty at that time.  We didn’t know where he would be going LAST August and we didn’t know when we would be together again.  We certainly didn’t know we would be married already, a year later.  As I reflect on my own worries about this coming August, I’m reminded that EVERY choice we have is a good choice, and one where Sung and I will be together.  I’m so thankful for the covenant that connects my life to his and thankful to God for giving him to me.  It is with renewed excitement that I say to you, my friends and family, very soon we will have some news for you.  But not yet, and that is ok!

As always, thanks for reading!  All my love, Margot (and Sung and Oliver)


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