Week In Review

Hello.  It’s be a beautiful week to be a Hwang!  Sung finally told the internet that he’s going to engineering school in the fall and now I can too.  I’ll tell you more about that sometime….  The where of that is a whole different story but we’re in a great place now, moving forward and trusting God.  In just a few months we will be a civilian couple, I will be the primary breadwinner in our family (!), and we’ll be starting a whole new life.  Haha, its the second “whole new life” for us in a year!  But here’s what happened in our current life this week.

1. I finished out my Spring Break on Monday with a fun coffee date with a friend.

2. I took– and passed!– my first standardized test in a LOOOOOONNNNNGGG time, in preparation to apply for yet another teaching certificate in case we move out of state next year.

3. I had my first sick day in as long as I can remember.  I really tried to go to work and Sung made me stay home.  He turned out to be right, I reflected while lying semi-consious in bed several hours later.  Fortunately, I had some company…

oliver sick day

4. We helped a friend from our small group move into her first apartment!  So excited for her!  Later that night, this happened.  Now folks, this has happened multiple times but this time I was finally ready with my camera!

sung and evie

5. We went to our second to last Perspectives class!  In just a few weeks we’ll be done.  I’m excited to get our weekends back.  But also kind of sad.  I have really loved having that class!!

It’s a short update this week but I’m working on some new entries coming soon!  Thanks for sticking with us!  Love to you all ❤



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