April Favorites

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this April!

1. A good friend of mine, Scott Messinger, began working on a project idea, years ago, to help teachers plan lessons more efficiently.  His business, Common Curriculum, has been wildly successful.  I finally started using it personally for my tutoring students and I love it.  I recommend this to any teacher who does not have a prescribed planning software required by their school– and even if you do, its way better!  Best of all, for a single user– it’s free!

2. I have really been enjoying going back through the archives of a blog started by some old friends from Pittsburgh.  Ruthie Snoke and Hannah Nation are sisters who put a great deal of thought into what it means to be a woman and a Christian and recorded these thoughts on their blog, Carved to Adorn.

3. This month I FINISHED my Bible in a year plan on the Bible App I have on my phone.  I have never done a plan like this all the way through and it really helped to have the readings all cued up so all I had to do was click and read and I’d recommend it if you want to read through the whole Bible this way.

4. In honor of our Perspectives course coming to an end this week, I thought I’d give one more shameless plug.  For Christians wondering about their role in the church Global, this course is so helpful and challenging.  There are opportunities to take it all over the country and also an online version.  However, it’s really helped to cover this material as part of a group.  Look for a class near you and feel free to ask me any questions about my experience.

5. Annnnd.  My most favorite part of April was Sung getting accepted into 5 engineering schools!  Good job, Sung!


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