Week in Review

Greetings from, Nebraska!  Here’s a summary of our week…

1. Sung and I were working all week on our Perspectives final project– so excited to be almost finished!

2. Cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere–  I feel right at home!

cherry blossoms

3. We have been able to make our wedding photos public this week, thanks to our extraordinary photographer, Jeff Sellenrick!  Check out our photos with the password: wabanna

4. Sung and I hosted our first ever potluck at our house!  Nine friends, from our Perspectives class and small group, brought food to share.  Everyone was impressed with Sung’s awesome cooking– he made 4 or 5 dishes!  This picture doesn’t do the authentic Korean and Chinese food (brought by our friends) justice but here it is.

IMG_20140503_174219        20140503_190037   20140503_183302

5. This week we skipped our last official Perpectives class (next week we still have homework due and we will have our “graduation”) to attend the International Worship Night at our church.  It was too amazing to be described in this post so hopefully I will be able to tell your more about it soon.


Thanks for reading!

All my love, Margot


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