Week in Review

I hope everyone had a good week!  Here is what is going on with us…

1. On Monday, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo in pre-school with this piñata I made.  I’m putting it here because I’m proud.  This was made from a paper bag.  #preschoolskills


2.  All week, Sung had TAPs, which stands for Transition Assistance Program.  Instead of going into work in his uniform, he went in professional dress– even a suit one day!– and learned about transitioning into the civilian work force.  What is especially awesome, for me, is they gave a lot of interview and resume tips and, since I am applying for a full time teaching job for next year, he can help give me advice now.  For example, he knows more about professional dress than I ever have.  Thank you, Air Force.

3. On Saturday, Sung and I went to the annual Offutt Day at the zoo, and volunteered with other people from the base to help clean up the zoo.  We were working with one of Sung’s co-workers in the sea lion area, most of the morning.  We were actually cleaning the trench that goes around their pool so we really got to make some new friends….


Also, we got to pet a rhino, but that was “behind the scenes” so we can’t post a picture of it here.  Oh, and I also stuffed medicine into dead fish to be fed to the sea lions.  Also, not pictured 😉  But here we are….


4.  Sung and I had our LAST Perspectives class tonight!  It ended with an International potluck.  Sung made delicious Korean spicy chicken.  The other  foods were great too!   However…we got cut short because…

5. We had our FIRST EVER tornado warning!!  As in, sirens going off.  They sent us home before it could get too bad, but THEN it was getting bad so we just went to someone’s house who lived near the class.  Sung made fun of me because I was literally running around screaming…but I still had a piece of chocolate cake from the dinner that I brought with me so I could finish it.  Anyway, even though we couldn’t have our official class, we got to stay safe in a basement with some really cool people from the course and share about what we had learned.  I’d argue it was even better than whatever had been planned!

By the way, we made it home safe.  Now all that’s left is a flash flood warning but we are on the third floor so I’m thinking we’re ok.  Good night y’all!


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