Week in Review

Hi everyone!  Hope your summer is starting well!

1. This week marked my final week of summer school.  I know many of my East Coast friends are just finishing regular school, so, try not to hate me.  It was actually a bitter sweet time for me.  Of course every teacher loves summer, but summer school was my first time teaching in my own classroom in a long time and it was SUCH a positive experience because I had a great group of kids.  Now, I kind of stare into the great unknown, job wise, and wait for some school somewhere to hire me for next year.

2. We’ve been loving watching the World Cup and have been following both Korea and the US.  In honor of watching sports, Sung made some awesome ribs today.  Neither of us really get into sports usually but this has been a fun thing to get into together.


3. This was basically the laziest weekend of my life.  We watched a lot of movies, including Frozen, and spent most of our time at home.

coffee oliveram

I guess we needed it. 🙂

4. We did go on a date, last night, to see Malificent.  Neither of us loved the movie, but I guess we are in the minority there.

5.  This week begins my summer vacation which also happens to be my self imposed Korean Language Bootcamp.  If I don’t write something in Korean on this blog next week, I am an official failure.

Hope you are all enjoying the weather and the World Cup.  Gotta go– the game’s on!  (Never thought I’d say that….)  USA! USA! USA!


Mrs. Hwang




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