How the Lego Movie Changed Our Lives….

On February 17, I took this picture because  I thought Sung and I looked like real grown-ups.  We were on our way to see “The Lego Movie”.

everything is awesome

And, besides our destination, we really were.  We had been married for five months and things were going well.  We both were working and maintaining a pretty happy work/life balance.  I was wearing a shirt with a collar!  Most importantly– we had a plan.  Sung had decided to separate from the military at the end of the summer and he had already applied to the perfect program for the fall.  At the University of Nebraska Medical Center, just thirty minute from where we live now and so close to our church, there is a program that would allow Sung to quickly become a radiography technician and move from his Associates Degree to a B.S.  It would allow him to stay in the medical field, get a job quickly, and have great job security.  We could stay where we were and wouldn’t have to go through too many changes besides the switch to Civilian life.  It seemed perfect.  Just look at those smiles.  But just a few weeks after we took this picture, Sung would turn down an interview for this very selective program because of what happened next…

Since our Perspectives class began in January, I got more and more excited about separation from the Air Force.  We could do ANYTHING!  I kept thinking that the obvious solution to our situation– military separation, no commitments, missions course– was that God what calling us into ministry.  A medical profession for Sung made sense to me because I saw clear ways that we could serve God in that capacity.  We diligently prayed that God would give us guidance but, to us, this radiography program made sense.

And then “The Lego Movie” changed our lives.

Sung loved the movie!  It had everything a good kids’ movie that is geared to adults should have– cheesy pop culture references, ridiculous music, a bit of off-color humor that flies over kids’ heads.  What was not to love?  But it also reminded him of something– himself.  As a kid building with legos was one of his favorite things to do.  It was, for him, his creative space.  And the reality is, he has quite a gifted, creative mind.  I have seen him constantly tapping into this creative ingenuity, since our days of emails when he specially rigged a mouse trap to catch a mouse that kept outsmarting an unaltered snap trap.



Seeing the movie brought up these pleasant childhood memories for Sung and it changed him.  Not two days later, Sung texted me during the work day.  He “joked” that maybe he would get a nursing degree and also get an engineering degree, “for fun”.  And once he actually said those words, it was so evident our old plan was a mistake.  Within the week, this was no longer a joke, he dropped the medical plans altogether and began applying to engineering schools.

He chose five and all five chose him.



We had an answer in mind that made sense but when we submitted our search to the Lord, He gave us an answer the made sense MORE!  After a lot more prayer and weeks of discussion, we made the decision to move back to the East Coast.  Sung will attend Drexel University in the Fall  and he will pursue Mechanical Engineering.

In closing, all I have to say is

Thanks for the support on this journey, everyone!

All our love,

The Hwangs




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