Week in Review

Well, it’s the first real week of summer for me and I am switching gears and trying to get things together for our upcoming move.  Here’s what it looks like to be unemployed.

1.  This week I did a task I have been dreading for about 7 months.  We have recycling at our apartment for everything except glass, so I have been storing all glass recycling since November.  I finally took the big trip out to the recycling center.  It only took me, like, an hour to load the car haha.  Sorry, Planet Earth, all glass is going in the trash until we move.

2. This week I began my own little Korean language boot camp.  I am finally making progress with this language!  I started texting Sung and my in-laws every time I learn new words so I can practice.  I wonder how long that will be “cool” and “exciting” for them, as this promises to be a very long journey….


Pictured: my study materials and ramen, brain food of champions– until the drowsiness sets in, 20 minutes later.  Y’all know what I’m talking about…

3. This summer, I’ll be hosting a Women’s Bible Study at our place.  The first meeting was this week and it was really great.  And I made cinnamon rolls.


4. I had some friends over to watch the USA World Cup game on Thursday.  It was fun for all, including Oliver.



5. Recently, one of our good friends came back from deployment.  This weekend, our whole small group got together to celebrate and have a last meeting, since many of us are moving soon.  It has been so great getting to know people from our church in Omaha and we’re really going to miss them!  After our party, a few of us played Settlers of Catan.  Thanks for a great night, guys!


That’s it for the week!

Love from Nebraska,



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