June Favorites

I skipped May, sorry.  Here are my random recommendations from the month of June.

1. I’ve gotten back into using iTalki this month.  It is a language learning website.  I have mostly been using it to tutor English learners but I’m hoping it can also benefit me in my Korean studies.  Check it out if you are interested.  Many features are free but you can also pay for skype language lessons with a native speaker of whatever language you are learning!

2. I am OBSESSED with Korean Language Videos on this site.  (Sensing a theme to the favorites this month?)  While I don’t think I would ever achieve language mastery from watching them, they are a nice break from my regular studying.  Thank you, Professor Oh!

3. After putting their book down eight years ago, I’ve decided to give Harry and Rosemary Wong’s The First Days of School another try.  It is humbling and helpful to read this book as a veteran teacher.  They put words to so many things I have learned along my journey– lessons that I couldn’t have understood until I experienced them.  I am committed to finishing this before the fall and ready to arm myself with some of their tricks.  I recommend it to any teacher who hasn’t read it yet, no matter where you are in your career!


4.  So far, my guilty pleasure for  the summer has been Inspired by This Blog.  There are fun pictures and ideas every day.

5. My final favorite sprung from a desire to decrease my coffee intake since it’s summer and I can nap every day if I want to.  I’ve been drinking instant Green Tea Lattes (or  라떼 in Konglish) almost every day.  Yum!


That’s it for June Favorites!  Enjoy these suggestions and I’ll talk to you soon!




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