Goodbye Nebraska!

Nebraska has been so good to us!  We have met awesome people, experienced great places, loved every second of going to our church, and really built a solid, beautiful foundation for our first year of marriage.  I am so freaking grateful!  I never would have chosen to move across the country the week after getting married but it was better for me and us than I ever could have guessed.

That said, these past few weeks have been just so strange.  Sung has been going to work but they have been easing him away from his responsibilities.  I have been oddly preparing for a move where I didn’t have to pack since we were getting movers.  I found this challenging.  I started losing track of when I last showered.  I felt like our time here was “over” but we were still here.

IMG_20140804_150901 IMG_20140806_131525

Moreover, this move and the changes we are making feel so right– but it is still weird, scary, and a little sad to leave the only home we’ve ever had together.

However, as we get closer and closer to the big day (!!!) we have been able to take some time to just enjoy the places, people, and time together that have made us love this home of ours!  Here are some highlights of our Nebraska farewells:

1. Going to hear Run River North.

IMG_20140805_211711 20140805_230642 20140805_225236

2. Going on a tour of the local Lucky Bucket Brewing Company.  (Also pictured, the cornfields we drove through to get there.  To answer some friends’ questions about if there are really cornfields here.)

20140806_171218 20140806_171407

3. A blast from the past when a friend from PITT was here on a work conference.  Sorry, no picture, but I had the best time hanging out with the one and only Anna Quider!

4. Cleaning.


5. Sung’s work farewell.

20140808_174709 20140808_193653-SMILE

6. And visiting with our friends.

10385379_10105335765310364_3954917545833821238_n 10606536_10105335765440104_6129894539537747183_n 20140809_214928  20140810_175848

Thank you, everyone, for following us this year for the wonderful, beautiful first leg of our marriage adventure.  As we move on to the next part of our journey, you can continue to follow us here and, just for the memories, I’ll continue to write as somethingtodoinNebraska.


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