We’ve Landed!

So….we live in Philly now.  That’s kind of crazy.  In my long absence from this blog, Sung and I have been very busy starting a completely brand new life!  I’ll try to give a brief summary of the past two months here and, later on, I hope to begin with regular posts again.  I have missed writing so…hopefully you’ve missed reading 😉

Here’s a bit about our move…

1. We left Nebraska on August 12.  Besides locking our keys in the car before we left, it was a pretty stress-free trip for Sung and I– Oliver was significantly less patient with this move than he was with the first one, for some reason.  Other than that, we had a great trip and got to visit a few people as we made the journey back east.  (Not pictured: Jocelyn and Alex Meyer– how did we not get a picture??)

Williamsgrandpa lerros famOliver

2. We arrived in Wilmington, Delaware, road wary and ready to stay in one place for more than a few nights.  Here is how Mom and Joe greeted us:

home coming

We stayed with them for a few weeks while we recuperated, apartment hunted, and visited some of my “essential” hometown places including Brew Ha Ha, Charcoal Pit, the Arden Fair, and Rehobeth Beach.

3. I started work at my new school.  I’m teaching Kindergarten again, and I really, really love it.  It has been such an incredible blessing to me that the transition into this new job has been so smooth.  I feel welcomed by the amazing staff at my school and my children are really a delight to work with.

4. We celebrated one year of marriage!


4. We moved into our new place in Norther Liberties.  It’s a “trinity style” house which means that each of the three floors are only one room (plus a basement kitchen).  I promise to post more pictures soon but here is Sung looking through the trap door used to get our furniture upstairs.


5. Sung started at Drexel and he loves it.  So, I guess we made a good choice in coming here. 🙂


We are happy here and continuing to get more and more comfortable and settled.  We have already had a few visitors– just a reminder that it is really great to be back on the East Coast, near so many friends and family members.  It is so hard to even wrap my head around all the blessings we have experienced since we began the process of leaving the Air Force.  Thank you for following us through this journey and for your continued support as we begin this next chapter.

All our love,

The Hwangs


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