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Hello, Friends!

It certainly has been awhile!  Since our move, I have done a lot of thinking, (if not writing…) about this blog.  This school year has brought me renewed enthusiasm for my teaching career and I have pondered, anew, questions of professionalism and the internet.

Meanwhile, I have been questioning the purpose of this blog.  While I did use this blog, last year, to keep our loved ones up-to-date with our lives, I would like to, more often, use this as a vehicle for self-expression.

To help me maintain a more professional online presence while still being able to express my thoughts personally on this blog, I have decided to completely disconnect the blog from Facebook starting in February.  So, if you like to read my blog but only know I’ve posted from Facebook, you should hit the “follow” button on the right to see all the new content I am preparing. See you in February!

IMG_20141219_184157(classic Hwangs)


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