Our Little Home

Well, you have waited long enough!  I finally have some shots of our clean (because I had a snow day!) home.

As I mentioned before, our house is a “trinity” style unit.  There are three floors, each with one room and no halls, and tiny staircase connecting them.  These trap doors allow for the furniture to be moved up and down.


On the top floor, is our bedroom!  I love it because it is really open and spacious.  The door is at the bottom of the stairs so it makes it feel like we have a loft room.  For about a month all I could talk about was how much I loved the little white railing.

20150127_132119 kq-tWDs9XTtg1tSJfCTrSBzYUYXxnRs9j-DztEIfpd8=w963-h572-no

On the second floor, Sung has his “battle station”.


On the first floor, we have our living area.


Finally, in the basement we have our kitchen.


We don’t have as much space for guests as we did in Nebraska but we are probably a whole lot closer to you!  So, please, feel welcome to come by for a visit!  🙂


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