Reading for Fun!

This year, I started using a new-to-me reading curriculum, Units of Study from the Teacher’s College.  One requirement they list, to have a classroom that developed of love of reading in children, was for the teacher to “wear their love of reading on their sleeve”.  I wondered, did I even love to read?

I really couldn’t remember a time I’d read for fun.  I have always enjoyed reading but I’ve always read for school.  When I was an English major in college, I read for class.  When I was new in my career I didn’t have time to read much but when I did it was articles about teaching.  When I taught high school, I read what my students read.  I know I picked up pleasure reading at times over the years but it was never a significant enough part of my life to become a memory.

I had never considered that this could effect my Kindergartners.  But, now, I think it can. I wanted to love reading. So, I decided to read for fun.

I found that, to become a real reader, I had to make reading a habit.  I started to force myself to read each night (rather than those late night instagram or facebook binges…)  So far, it has actually worked.  I have been having fun!  The more books I have finished, the more incentive it’s given me to keep reading a book I’m not completely in love with.  Before, I would give up more easily but now that I read more, I know if I don’t love this book, maybe I’ll love the next one.  Also, I have found it helpful to have several books (a fiction, a non fiction, and a spiritual book) going at once so I can switch it up as my mood changes.  I also use audible to listen to books on my commute.

I’ve been keeping an ongoing list of what I am reading over here.  If I have something to say about the book, I’ll post it there, too!  Keeping a list on my blog has actually helped me stay motivated to plow through more challenging books.  Enjoy the list and please feel free to send me book recommendations, as well! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Reading for Fun!

  1. Have you ever read Roots?
    Tracey and I had that as our car book on Audible for a while. Kind of life changing…

      • Well, the miniseries was based on the book by Alex Haley.
        I haven’t seen the miniseries, but I’m sure the book is much more expansive.
        It gives a clear perspective on the people that were stolen from their homes and cultures in Africa and shows the clear lineage of the current racial divide. Extremely tragic and heart wrenching.

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