Pope Weekend Adventures

This weekend, the Pope visited Philadelphia and the city SHUT DOWN. For better or worse, huge parts of the city had traffic restrictions, serving to both keep the Pope safe and turn our city into a ghost town. There were ominous predictions about the weekend, causing many to go out of town to escape the #popeapocalypse.

We decided to stay and I’m so glad we did! The streets of Philadelphia were our playground this weekend. We also enjoyed some of the perks of a snowday– that feeling where you can calm down and do nothing at all– without being completely stranded. I’m kind of disappointed that life is going back to normal tomorrow.

I thought I’d share some pictures with you.

Friday Night, before it all began. Including some ambulances we borrowed from Baltimore..

20150925_164622 20150925_204807 20150925_204816 20150925_210926

Saturday morning, major highways with no cars.

20150926_093141 20150926_093637 20150926_093642

Our “snow day” activity, making dumplings for 추석, Korean harvest festival, like Thanksgiving.


Finally, the coolest part of the weekend– biking through the city on Sunday! I wish every day could be like this!!

12072767_10153294959553155_2253893564263894305_n 20150927_171405 20150927_171748 20150927_172009 20150927_172223

In closing, many businesses were hurt by the closures, and I’m sorry for them. One local business that did extremely well, by my observation, was Indego, the city bike share. Personally, I loved the Pope weekend and I’m so thankful I was here to experience it!


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