Korea: Week 2

On July 5th we all got dressed up and went to lunch with Sung’s paternal grandparents, great aunt and uncle, mom, aunt, and cousins. It was my first time meeting most of them and it was extremely special. Sung and his cousins served as translators and we had a great time conversing with Sung’s grandparents. Sung’s grandfather welcomed us to the family and everyone told stories.

My favorite story came from Sung’s grandmother, whom he lived with as a young boy. She told me that she always knew he would be an engineer because he used to take apart her sewing machine. (I think he broke it.) Anyway, she told me she didn’t need a new sewing machine anymore. She just wanted us to give her….a baby.  Haha.

Here are some photos from the day.

IMG_4461 (2) IMG_4482


Also, my in-laws gifted me a selfie stick.


We spent the next two days together with Sung’s maternal side of the family. To do this, we traveled out to countryside where Sung’s mother lived as a girl. We enjoyed a family meal with his maternal grandmother, aunts and uncles. It included some of the most interesting seafood I ever ate, including sea cucumber. His maternal aunts came to our wedding so it was a fun for us to be reunited! We toured the countryside, saw a linen factory, and ate lunch at the restaurant of a family friend where we were served 13 year old miso.

20150707_113209 temp_1440096629798.-1947235765  temp_1440096892437.-118441781 20150707_124701

Then, it was time to say good-bye to Mom and Joe as they headed back to the States to get ready for my step-brothers wedding. It was so wonderful to have them with us for the first leg of our journey! What amazing memories we made together.

While Sung and I stayed in the country, we were living at Sung’s aunt’s house. And we were experiencing the traditional Korean country lifestyle, which is based largely on the floor. There were no chairs or beds in her house and I actually found it extremely comfortable. It was just so nice to be in a home and out of hotels.

20150708_122941  20150708_111142

We visited Sung’s grandmother at her home. When Sung was little, the family owned a huge farm and mill. Now it is just a very large garden. Next to it is the local church which Sung’s grandfather helped build. It was so awesome to see this place– Sung has so many cherished memories playing here as a boy.

20150708_155909 20150708_155822 20150708_030515 20150708_020118_Gisan-myeon 20150708_030519 20150708_155920

Later that night, the family times continued as Sung’s cousin brought her new husband over to meet us. It was our first time seeing her since our wedding.

20150708_202651 20150708_202629 (1)20150708_220451

Stay tuned for more family times in my next post about our trip.


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