Korea: Crazy Cousin Weekend in Seoul

While in Korea, we had a weekend so crazy it needed it’s own post. You can also read this as, “Margot’s Suggestions of Everything Touristy to Do in Seoul”.

After our brief stay in the countryside, Sung and I traveled back to Seoul to hang out with his paternal cousins.


Sung’s cousin, Yirey, took it upon herself to plan the most fun weekend ever for us. I’m so thankful, friend! ❤

We met up in Hongdae, the University district in Seoul and started the day with eating, shopping, and a trip to the arcade.

Then, we went to the Han River. We biked along the river, people watched, and had a picnic. It was so easy to picnic there. You could rent a picnic mat and order fried chicken that was delivered right to your picnic spot.

20150709_172539 20150709_180336 20150709_181103 20150709_181639 20150709_185232

Afterwards, we crossed the Mapo Bridge. At one point, the bridge was getting a terrible reputation because so many people attempted suicide by jumping off of it. To counter this, the city installed special lights that light up as you walk along the bridge. It is meant to make you feel like you are not alone. The lights also have friendly phrases on them to cheer you up.  Also, pictures of babies. Just in case, there is also an emergency phone. No comment on actual effectiveness of these efforts, but it was so cool to see.

20150709_205000 20150709_210725 20150709_212007

The next day we assembled a large amount of traditional Korean traveling food and hiked into the mountains in search of a refreshing stream. Unfortunately, due to a drought, the stream was dried up. The hike was still fun and beautiful. There are mountains just outside of the city and hiking is such a common pastime, especially for retired folks, that you frequently see people decked out in hiking gear on the subway.

20150710_120737 20150710_12104420150710_121046 20150710_122157 20150710_134307

Afterwards, we cooled off with a trip to the Cat Cafe.

20150710_160502 20150710_161632 20150710_161827 20150710_162206

Then, it was finally time to relax the way most Korean youth do– with some karaoke. I was kind of surprised to go to karaoke in the middle of the day, and in the company of Sung’s young cousin. Karaoke in the States is usually connected to bars and drunken singing. In Korea, it truly is a wholesome activity that many families do together. And I couldn’t believe how fun it was. You have a whole room all to yourself and we went ALL. OUT.


Dinner was Korean BBQ, perfect as always.


And we ended the night with a trip to the Seoul tower, a tourist place that allows you to see the whole city.

20150710_231140(0)  20150710_21441520150710_220116_LLS

When we got back to our hostel that night, I slept like I never slept before.


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