Korea Week 3

After the crazy cousin weekend in Seoul, it was time to explore a little more of Korea. We did a lot of travel in a little bit of time. I’ll give you some of the highlights.

20150711_121523 20150712_12170520150712_13004220150712_142204

  • Hanging out in Busan, the second largest city in Korea and a famous beach vacation spot

20150714_123250 20150713_145346 20150713_145131 20150713_142527

  • Biking around ancient burial mounds in Gyeongju

korea korea2

  • Sitting in an open pagoda that was built over the ocean in Pohang

20150715_110902 korealast

  • Getting our professional Korean wedding shots done (and here are some outtakes)

korea5 20150715_181920 20150715_181703

  • Meeting up with a friend of mine from my Korean class who now lives in Korea



At the end of so much traveling, it was amazing to come back to our home base at Sung’s aunt’s house to eat some home cooked food and be with family. Then, just when I thought our adventures were over, they sent us to Boryeong Mud Festival to spend the day.

korea3 korea4

At the end of the day there, the Korean Air Force did an air show over the festival. Seeing an air show in Nebraska was one of my last memories of our time there and Sung’s time in the US Air Force. It was a really surreal moment for me, exactly one year later, to watch an air show in Korea and reflect on how much our life has changed since then and how grateful I am for all he and I have been given.

Before we said good-bye to Sung’s maternal side, his uncle took us on a tour of the elementary school where he serves as principal.

20150718_095031 20150718_094808 20150718_103059 20150718_103053 20150718_103756

We went back to Seoul, one last time, to say good-bye to Sung’s paternal side. Sung’s grandparents took us all out for Korean Chinese food and then we went, as a whole family, for more karaoke. That night, instead of going to their own home, Sung’s cousins decided to stay with us. We were all packed into the his grandparents apartment and I fell asleep listening to Sung telling his cousins “the world’s longest joke”.


I am so thankful that I got to go on this trip with my family. Thanks so much for reading about my adventures!

All my love,



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