Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my site this year. I haven’t written in awhile so I thought I’d share some highlights from the Fall and Holiday season.

  1. We celebrated 2 years of marriage.10568863_10153238363448155_1965786084781019789_n
  2. Oliver and I marked 3 years together. 10986380_508609322630333_1550530245_n
  3. I began my second school year at FACTS Charter School. I love working here and am consistently learning, being challenged, and being nurtured in my craft. Here’s an article written about our school this fall.
  4. Sung began his second year at Drexel. During finals, he interviewed for his first co-op which will take place starting in April. It will be a 6 month work experience. We are praying that he gets the right placement– hopefully one not too far from Philly. He’s already had two offers but most places won’t get back to him until January. I’ll keep you posted.
  5. We welcomed a new Canfield into our family! My dad and Tracey gave me my first baby sister on September 28th. Dad called us the “bookends”– his first and last child and only girls. 12122812_10156130137315486_7469863478600228142_n
  6. Sung and I had quite a few visitors this fall. It was great to visit with so many friends and I finally transformed our “study” into a “spacious guest room” but rearranging some furniture. OK, I lied, it’s not that spacious. But you are still very welcome. Who will be the first guest of 2016?
  7. We celebrated Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh.
  8. I decided to become a regular newspaper reader. Sung and I bought a discounted version on the Washington Post app and I have included “news reading” into my morning routine. I do feel like a better informed citizen and, bonus, it has helped me get questions right at pub quizzo.
  9. I GOT A SWEET NEW BIKE FOR CHRISTMAS!! I have been biking to work on and off this fall which, in and of itself, was life-changing, saving me time in the morning and also helping to wake me up! However, my old bike (purchased in my teens) was sometimes frustrating to ride. Now my ride is smooth and I am riding for fun and for my commute. Thanks, Sung!  12338746_468351050022779_908436228_n
  10. We saw a lot of family for Christmas and Sung’s birthday, ate lots of great food, and created many memories.

I am very excited to begin a fresh new year and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2016.

All my love,




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