Summer Update!

Hello everyone!

There’s been a pretty good reason for my silence over the past 6 months or so– I have been just so tired. God bless people older than me who teach Kindergarten. Even at 32, this thing has been kicking my butt! I was so tired this year that I FREQUENTLY found myself reading click bait articles on the internet such as “40 Celebrity Engagement Rings” asking myself how I got there. I got in bed anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30 and fell asleep by 10:30. Sung and I sat on our couch on weekend nights, ordering Grub Hub as I fell asleep during movies. I am so glad summer is here!!

I wanted to give a short update on what has been going on with us. School let out for my students on Friday so I am feeling a bit more energetic! Here are so things that have been happening with us.

  1. Sung began his co-op at Stanford Research Institute in Princeton, New Jersey! I am so thankful he got this placement. He enjoys the work he is doing and the people he is working with. It’s a long commute but that is basically the only downside. The highlight for me is he is actually on an adult schedule and not staying up until 1 am. He will be at this co-op until September when he begins classes again. Don’t ask me when he graduates– its so far away I can’t even remember.
  2. This spring, I joined the coordinating team to run a local Perspectives course this fall. This is the course that Sung and I took while we were in Nebraska. It is a Christian discipleship course designed to give students a clearer, deeper look at God’s heart for the nations throughout history and now. We found it so eye-opening and I’m excited to help make this course available for Christians in Philadelphia. If you are local and want to take the course, it will be on Mondays this fall!
  3. I have accepted a new position at my school. Next year, I will be teaching 3rd grade. This is a new grade for me and I am so excited!! After Kindergarten, my school does subject specialization and I am going to be working as a literacy teacher. This means I will have my own homeroom but will only be teaching Reading, Writing and Social Studies for all 3rd graders and my students will learn Math and Science from another teacher. I think this position combines what I loved best about high school teaching with what I love best about elementary school teaching. At my school, teachers always talk about finding their “sweet spot” where they thrive as a teacher. I am hoping that this is mine.
  4. Over the summer, I have been so fortunate to land two 2-week teaching gigs, giving me something to do while Sung is at work and a bit of extra income. I am taking August off so I can re-coop.
  5. One of my personal goals this summer is to make a daily habit of writing. I don’t know if that will end up being on here or just for personal use. I guess we shall see!

That is pretty much it for the time being! Thanks for reading 😀


One thought on “Summer Update!

  1. Margot, I was so happy to read your post. How I remember the joys of June! It’s a time for reflection of the past year but also a time to enjoy a well-deserved rest! Enjoy June!

    It sounds like you and Sung have been having great experiences. I am so happy that Sung is enjoying his job and living the 9-5 life instead of staying up half the night studying.

    Your summer sounds exciting and I’m sure that it will bring you a lot of joy. I’m glad that you are taking August off so that you can prepare yourself for your 3rd graders. I think you will really like focusing on literacy, your true academic love, and leave all that math and science stuff to the geeks . . . like your brother. 🙂

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